Offer workflow features

For systems that enable offer integration, several features are available when you work with offers in Unica Plan.

Offer approvals

When you create or edit an offer, Unica Plan provides a check box to indicate offer approval. Only approved offers can be published to Unica Campaign.

Offer states

Offers and offer folders can have the following states.

Offer state Definition
Draft When you create an offer, the state of the new offer is Draft.
Published The state "Published" pushes the offer instance to Unica Campaign. The first time an offer is published in Unica Plan, the system creates the offer in Unica Campaign; subsequent publishing updates the offer instance in Unica Campaign.
Redraft After an offer is Published, it cannot be edited. To edit a published offer, the user can redraft the offer, which changes it to the Draft state. User can then edit the offer and publish changes.
Retire Only Published offers can be Retired. After the offer is Retired, it is not available for future use and cannot be edited or changed to any other state.

Offer codes automatically generated

In Unica Plan, the offer code that is assigned to each offer can be generated by the Default code generator. Users cannot modify the offer code generator. In the wizard mode of offer creation, the Auto-generate on save check box creates the offer code automatically. If the check box is selected, the offer code is generated from Unica Campaign. If the check box is not selected, validation is made for the valid offer code.