Enabling offer integration in Unica Plan

When offer integration is enabled, you manage offers and offer templates in Unica Plan rather than Unica Campaign. You can enable offer integration either when you integrate Unica Plan with Unica Campaign or after you use Unica Campaign to manage offers.

About this task

Offer integration is a separate option from campaign integration. When campaign integration is enabled, you can also enable offer integration.

To enable offer integration in Unica Plan, complete the following steps.


  1. Confirm that integration is enabled in Unica Plan and in each of the appropriate Unica Campaign partitions, as explained in Configuring property settings for integrated deployment.
  2. On the Settings > Configuration page, under Unica, click Unica Platform.
  3. Click Edit Settings and set Plan - Offer integration to True. This setting enables the offer lifecycle management features in Unica Plan.

    The system checks for compatibility issues. For example, if an attribute with the "creativeurl" internal name exists in Unica Plan, offer integration fails so that values for that existing attribute are not overwritten. Before you can proceed with offer integration, you must resolve all reported issues.

  4. If your Unica Campaign installation has multiple partitions, set the following property for each partition where you want to enable offer integration.
    1. Expand HCL Unica > Campaign > partitions > partition[n] > server and click internal.
    2. Set Plan - Offer integration to Yes.
  5. Repeat step 4 for other partitions as needed.
  6. If you managed offers in Unica Campaign before you enabled offer integration, import the metadata and data for those offers into Unica Plan for each partition.

What to do next

After you enable offer integration, you use Unica Plan to create, edit, and manage offers, including any offers that you created in Unica Campaign before you enabled offer integration.

Note: Avoid disabling offer integration after you enable it.