Configuring property settings for integrated deployment

When Unica Plan and Unica Campaign are integrated, you use Unica Plan to plan, create, and approve campaigns.

About this task

For systems that enable offer integration, features for offer lifecycle management are added to Unica Plan. See Enabling offer integration in Unica Plan.

To integrate Unica Plan and Unica Campaign, set the following properties.


  1. On the Settings > Configuration page, under HCL Unica, click Unica Platform.
  2. Click Edit Settings and set Plan - Campaign integration to True. This setting enables integration so that you can use Unica Plan to create, plan, and approve campaigns.
  3. If your Unica Campaign installation has multiple partitions, set the properties for each partition where you want to enable integration. Expand HCL Unica > Campaign > partitions > partition[n] > server and click internal.
  4. Click Edit Settings and set MO_UC_integration to Yes. This setting enables Unica Plan-Unica Campaign integration for this partition.
    Note: To set either of the next two options to Yes, you must first set MO_UC_integration to Yes. The following options apply only when MO_UC_integration is enabled.
  5. Optional: Set MO_UC_BottomUpTargetCells to Yes.

    When MO_UC_integration is enabled, TCS® cells that are created from Unica Plan are always top-down. To allow for bottom-up Target Cell Spreadsheet cells for this partition, set this property to Yes. When set to Yes, both top-down and bottom-up target cells are visible, and a Get Bottom Up Cells control is available in the Unica Plan Target Cell Spreadsheet. This control gets bottom-up cells that are created in Unica Campaign into Unica Plan. The bottom-up cells are read-only in Unica Plan, and cannot be published back to Unica Campaign from Unica Plan.

  6. Optional: Set Legacy_campaigns to Yes.

    This setting enables access to campaigns created before integration, including campaigns that were created in Affinium Campaign 7.x and linked to Affinium Plan 7.x projects.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for other partitions as needed.
  8. Expand HCL Unica > Plan > umoConfiguration and click campaignIntegration.
  9. Click Edit Settings and set the defaultCampaignPartition.

    When Unica Plan and Unica Campaign are integrated, this parameter specifies the default Unica Campaign partition to use when the campaign-partition-id is not defined by the project template. The default is partition1.

  10. Set the webServiceTimeoutInMilliseconds for Web Services integration API calls.

    This parameter is used as a timeout for web services API calls.


Continue with the steps for Enabling offer integration in Unica Plan.