Publishing the TCS®

To make the cell definitions and offer assignments in the TCS® available to Unica Campaign, you must publish the TCS®. Anytime you make updates to data in the TCS®, you must publish the TCS® again to make those changes visible to Unica Campaign.

Before you begin

To publish the TCS®, you must have the Manage Campaign Target Cells permission in Unica Campaign.

Every row must have a value for the Cell Name and Is Control Cell? columns before you publish the TCS®. If the TCS® contains unpublished data, the Publish button label is red.

About this task

A flowchart cannot link any cells to the TCS® rows until the TCS® is published. Although publishing the TCS® makes the data available to the flowchart in Unica Campaign, you cannot start a production run of a flowchart until all linked rows in the TCS® are approved. You can start a test run of a flowchart at any time.

If the data in the TCS® changes, you must publish the TCS® again to update the data available to Unica Campaign.

If the TCS® contains data that has not been published, the Publish button label is red.

To publish the TCS®, complete the following steps.


  1. Open the project that contains the TCS®.
  2. Click the Target Cell Spreadsheet tab.
  3. Click Publish.