The Target Cell Spreadsheet

You define all of the target and control cells for your campaign and assign offers in the Target Cell Spreadsheet. Your TCS® must contain all cell definitions for your entire campaign.

Multiple flowcharts in a campaign can link to cells in the TCS®, but each TCS® row can only be linked to only one flowchart cell. For example, you might have cells that are defined for wave one of a campaign that is delivered through email and different cells that are defined for wave two delivered through the call center. Wave one and wave two might be implemented in different flowcharts but the cells can share attribute values (for example, cell code) if they represent the same group of audience IDs in both flowcharts.

Each row must have values in the Cell Name and Is Control Cell columns or the row are not saved. If you do not provide a cell code, one is automatically generated when you publish the TCS®. If you provide a code, it must meet the cell code format requirements that are configured in Unica Campaign. If the allowDuplicateCellCodes configuration parameter is set to FALSE, cell codes must be unique within a flowchart. If you delete the cell code for a row in the TCS® and republish the TCS®, Unica Campaign creates a cell code for the row. Any existing link between that cell and a flowchart persists.

The TCS® is an editable grid, so you enter data in it just as you would in any other editable grid. You can copy and paste TCS® rows.

Additions or changes you make to the TCS® are not visible in Unica Campaign until you click Publish on the TCS®.

If you delete a row that is linked to a flowchart cell and republish the TCS®, any flowchart cell that is linked to that TCS® row becomes unlinked, although no data is lost. If that cell is input to a contact process (a Call List, Mail List, or Optimize process box), you must link the flowchart cell to another TCS® row before you can run the flowchart in production mode.
Note: The value of the control cell cannot be copied after the request is accepted,.
Consider the following points when Offer Integration is enabled with Plan.
  • You can assign a published offer to the Mail List or Optimize process box by using match and link cells.
  • After the offer is assigned, you cannot change it manually from the process box. If any changes are made to the offer from Plan, the changes are reflected in the process box only after the cells are unlinked and then linked again.