Recording FIX traffic

You can use HCL OneTest API and an HTTP/TCP proxy to record FIX traffic.

Before you begin

  1. Install the HCL OneTest HTTP/TCP Proxy, and configure it to record FIX traffic by setting type=fix. See Modifying the configuration settings of the HTTP/TCP proxy.
  2. Ensure that the proxy is registered with HCL® Quality Server. For more information, see Viewing running proxies.

About this task

FIX messages are sent over TCP/IP, so an HTTP/TCP proxy is used in FIX recording and stubbing. For more information, see Recording TCP traffic.


  1. Double-click an existing FIX transport in the Physical View window to modify it.
    For information about creating and modifying FIX transports in HCL OneTest API, see The FIX transport.
  2. On the Config tab of the FIX Connection dialog, click the Recording tab.
  3. Select an option for Recording Mode. For more information, see FIX transport - Recording details.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In Recording Studio, create an event monitor for the FIX transport. For more information, see Monitoring operations or transports.
  6. In the Event Monitor window, select the monitor for the FIX transport and click Start Recording .