The Add Numbers service

The Add Numbers service, included with HCL OneTest API, provides a simple way to generate messages that you can observe with topology discovery or capture in Recording Studio.

The client sends two numbers of your choice to the server as a request message, and the server sends a response that contains the sum.

You can use the Add Numbers Client and Server to generate network traffic. You can then use that traffic for the following actions:
  • Record the messages to save as a test or as a virtual service (stub)
  • Observe the invocation of the service through topology discovery to help create resources that represent the service within the project

For either of those actions, you need a HCL OneTest HTTP/TCP Proxy server, to intercept the messages between the client and server, and pass those messages to HCL OneTest API. For more information about proxy servers, see HTTP/TCP proxy setup.

An HTTP/TCP proxy server is installed as part of HCL® Quality Server. On Windows systems, the proxy is started automatically as a service. On Linux or Mac OS systems, you must start HCL® Quality Server and the proxy before you start the Add Numbers Client.

For more information about starting the service, see Starting the Add Numbers server and client.

You can also configure the Add Numbers service to use secure connections. For more information, see Securing the Add Numbers service.