Recording Studio

With HCL OneTest API, you can record events (messages or database interactions) sent to and from the system under test. Use Recording Studio to control what parts of the system should be recorded. These parts could be specific parts of the system infrastructure or specific services using that infrastructure. You can then use the recorded events as a source of tests and other interactions with the system. In Recording Studio, you can record the traffic over a number of different transports.

Recording the traffic over any of the following technologies requires specific configuration:
  • HTTP and HTTPS
  • TCP
  • TCPS
  • UDP
  • IBM WebSphere® MQ
  • IBM SIBus
  • IBM WebSphere MQ Telemetry (MQTT)
  • Tibco BusinessWorks, EMS and Rendezvous
  • webMethods Integration Server
  • SAP RFC (from a Java client)
  • JDBC (IBM® Db2®, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL)
  • IBM CICS® Transaction Gateway & CICS DPL
  • IMS Connect
  • FIX
  • Java method calls
  • JMS (subscription only)