Test Factory

The Test Factory perspective is one of the main areas in HCL OneTest API. You can create all the tests and the required artifacts/data to support them.

All test items are created in the Test Factory tree, on the left side of the perspective. Any test or test-related item that is created in the Test Factory can be edited in the editing panel, on the right side of the perspective.

The Test Factory tree

The Test Factory tree, to the left of the Test Factory perspective, contains all of your project resources such as components, operations, and test items. As tests and test items are added to the tree, they are automatically organized, by folder, under the operation in which they are created.

Test factory tree
  • To focus the view on a specific item, right-click and select Promote to Root from the menu. To restore the normal view, click the root of the tree and select Demote from Root from the menu.
  • To view the list of resources that are referencing an artifact in the project, right-click the artifact in the tree view. Click Find references. The tree view lists all the resources in the projects that has references to the selected artifact. To restore the view, click Search icon in the Test Factory toolbar and click Clear in the Search window.

The Test Factory toolbar

The Test Factory toolbar contains shortcuts for creating test items and supporting artifacts, and for manipulating what is displayed in the tree.

Test Factory toolbar

The editing panel

The editing panel is used to modify test items that are created in the Test Factory perspective.

Note: Items that are created in a different perspective (for example, messages, triggers) must be edited in their own perspective.
Test factory editing panel

Double-click any Test Factory item to open it for editing. Details about editing each item can be found in the following topics:

Linking items with the editor

You can enable or disable the link between an open item in the The editing panel and the Test Factory tree by toggling the Link with Editor icon . When enabled, the test asset that is selected in the editing panel is highlighted and brought into view in the tree. Similarly, if an open item is selected in the tree, it is brought into focus in the editing panel.