Creating a test template

To save time when you are creating tests, you can create a template of test sequences that can be used to quickly create a number of pre-defined tests.

About this task

Like tests and other artifacts, test templates are created within operations. Therefore, you must configure at least one operation in your project before you can create a test template.

You can create a basic (empty) template, or you can create a template by using the Message Exchange Pattern (MEP) that is defined for the selected operation.


  1. Select the operation or folder in which to create the template.
  2. Right-click the operation or folder and choose the appropriate action:
    • To create a test template, click New > Templates > Test Template from the menu, or click the arrow next to the Test icon in the Test Factory toolbar and select Test Template.
    • To create a template from a message exchange pattern, click New > Templates > Test Template using MEP.
    Note: If a template is already created, you can right-click the Templates folder or one of the existing templates and select New > Test Template or New > Test Template using MEP.
  3. Provide a name for the new template when prompted, then click OK. The new template is opened for editing. If the template was created from a message exchange pattern, it contains test actions once it is created. The type and content of the test actions are determined by the Message Exchange Pattern settings of the selected operation.
  4. Configure the contents of the template. You can add messaging actions or other test actions, or configure messages.
  5. When finished, click File > Save Resource or click the Save icon in the main toolbar.