Tests: Overview and tasks

Tests are the fundamental building blocks of integration and SOA testing. A test sends an input message to an external service or system in a protocol-specific way and validates the reply against an expected result.

A test can be added to an existing operation by using the menu or the Test Factory toolbar. Several different methods can be used for creating tests: by using MEP, from templates, by pasting, and from recorded events.

Note: If the operation is not configured to point to a specific transport, the Test from Template, Test from MEP, and Tests from MEP are unavailable from the New, Tests menu.

After a test is created and named, it is opened in The editing panel with a palette of available actions that are displayed above the test tree (see Changing the contents of a test).

Once added to a test, a test action is fully editable and configurable. To open an action in a test, simply double-click it. More options are available from the actions menu, which is displayed when you right-click the action.

Note: When executed, a tests steps are processed from top to bottom.