Test views

Two views are available for a test, the Technical View and the Business View .

You can toggle the current view by selecting the appropriate icon in the HCL OneTest API toolbar. In the Technical View, a test and each of its actions is represented by its icon and an automatically generated technical description. The test description defaults to the full path of the test, and the action description includes the action type and basic operations. As you change the details of the action, the description also changes. In the Business View, you can enter a custom description for a test or any action by selecting Rename from the menu or by selecting the test/action and pressing F2.

If no custom description is written for a test or any of its actions, the technical description is used. In this case, the test and action descriptions are displayed in a different color. The default color is gray, but it can be changed in the project preferences (Test Editor > Missing business descriptions color).

Note: Once the test label or action is renamed in the Business View, the text color changes. From now on, or until the custom name is cleared, the steps functions are not copied across to the business description.
Note: For projects created in an earlier release of HCL OneTest API, the business text comes from the previous "Description" field.