The Action Editor

The Action Editor is used to modify the actions that are contained within a test or stub.

Set in HCL OneTest API preferences (see Test Editor preferences), the editor can be opened as follows:
  • As a pop-up dialog by double-clicking an action.
  • Displayed inline, underneath or to the right of the editing panel
The details of available test actions are provided in Test actions.
If the Action Editor is displayed inline, when a new test or stub is created or if nothing in the current test or stub is selected, the Action Editor displays information about using the test editor. You can use Ctrl + click to clear items. After an editable action is selected, the editor that is associated with that action is displayed. The displayed editor is the same as the pop-up editor, with the following differences:
  • The OK and Cancel buttons are not used.
  • The Import and Export buttons are in the File menu.

You can set the Action Editor preferences to apply changes automatically (that is, like clicking OK in a standard editor). If changes are not applied automatically, and you click away from an edited action to another action or on a test phase, you are prompted to apply or discard the changes. If you click Cancel, the selection is reset and the previously selected item in the test is selected.

If changes are not being applied automatically, use Apply to apply the current changes. To undo any changes that were applied and restore the action to its last saved state, click Discard. After you are finished changing an action, save the test by clicking or pressing Ctrl + S.