Importing project resources into a project

You want to use project resources that a tester shared with you. You can use the Import Resources wizard to import the archive file provided by the tester into your current HCL OneTest API project.

Before you begin

To use the Import Resources wizard, you must have an archived file that contains resources exported from another project.

About this task

The wizard unbundles the project resources from a selected archive file and imports the resources into the current project.

Note: When permissions are enabled for a project, the Import Resources menu item is only enabled if the current user has the following permissions:
  • View permission for the Architecture School and Test Factory
  • Create and Modify permissions for Environments
  • Delete permission for Resource

To import the project resources from an archive file, follow this procedure.


  1. Click Import Resources from the Project menu.

    The Import Resources wizard is displayed.

  2. In the Import From field, browse for and select the archive file in the file system. Click Open. The selected archive file shows in the Import From field. Click Next.
    The archive file that is being imported is examined. If there are any conflicts between it and the current project that cannot be resolved automatically, they are reported to you.
  3. On the Specify How Conflicts Should be Resolved page, you see what can happen to the current project if you import the archive file.
    • If any resource that you are about to import exists in the current project, you can select to overwrite that resource or keep the existing resource.
    • If an environment with the same name as the one being imported exists in the current project, you can choose to overwrite it, or merge it by adding any properties and bindings that are not already defined.
  4. Accept the defaults or change them. Click Finish.

    The selected items are displayed in the current project.