HCL OneTest API workbench

The main window of HCL OneTest API is a workbench that contains several dockable windows. These windows are organized in a logical way, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use central workspace. You can view the workbench from one of several perspectives: Architecture School, Recording Studio, Test Factory, Test Lab, and Results Gallery.

The initial layout of the workbench is pre-determined, and it can be restored at any time by selecting Window > Reset Current Perspective from the main menu. When the perspective is reset, the internal views are restored to their default positions and sizes, and HCL OneTest API is maximized.

Many aspects of the workspace can be customized. Windows can be resized by clicking and dragging on their borders, they can be closed with the Close icon in the upper right corner, and they can be set to hide automatically when not in use with or to remain visible with .

The following perspectives are available from the Perspectives toolbar:
Architecture School (F7)
Define the architecture of the system under test, including service components as well as logical and physical resources.
Recording Studio (F9)
Monitor systems and processes to record events that are captured by HCL OneTest API.
Test Factory (F10)
Create tests, test suites, stubs, and requirements.
Test Lab (F11)
Run the tests that you created in the Test Factory.
Results Gallery (F12)
View historical test data and various reports for stored test artifacts.