Configuring subscribe operations to record IDoc types

You can record and virtualize SAP application resources by creating a subscribe operation for a logical SAP application server and configuring it to record a specific IDoc type.

Before you begin

  1. Create a physical connection in your HCL OneTest API project to the relevant SAP application server.
  2. Create the logical SAP application server upon which the subscribe operation will be created.

About this task

There are two methods of configuring therecording parameters:

  • Configure the Recording Studio settings of the relevant logical SAP application server to record a specific IDoc or IDoc type.
  • Create a subscribe operation for the relevant logical SAP application server and configure it to record a specific IDoc type.
This topic explains the second method.


  1. Open the Logical View of the Architecture School perspective.
  2. Right-click the relevant logical SAP application server, and then click New > General > Operation on the shortcut menus.

    The Operation window is displayed.

  3. On the Message Exchange Pattern tab, click Subscribe in the Pattern list.
    Note: It is not necessary to specify the schema root.
  4. In the Transport field, ensure that the correct physical SAP application server transport is selected.
  5. Click Watch.
    Note: Watch mode subscription is not available for SAP PI 7.3.1 or later.
  6. In the Poll Interval(s) field, enter the required number of seconds between queries.
  7. In the IDoc Type field, enter the relevant IDoc type.
    Note: The asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcards can be used in the IDoc Type field.
    Operation window, Subscribe action for recording SAP IDoc-types (example)
  8. Click OK.


The operation is configured to record the specified IDoc type.

You can now select the operation as a recordable resource in the Recording Studio perspective.
Note: If you want to record IDocs or subscribe to them in watch mode, you need to install the IDoc Monitor RFC. Installation instructions are available in installation_directory\tools\SAP.