Capturing events

You can use the Recording Studio to capture events. The Events View can be used with the Event Monitors view to select events and record them. You can define the destination for recorded events by using tags in the message header properties of selected operation.


  1. In HCL OneTest API, open the Recording Studio perspective.
  2. In the Event Monitors view, select the events or operations to be monitored. Click the Enabled option for each operation to be monitored. For details, see Monitoring operations or transports.
    Note: If an event monitor cannot be created for an operation, an error dialog with details is displayed.
  3. To start a recording session, click Start Recording button Start Recording on the toolbar of the Events View window.
  4. Wait for the events to be recorded.
  5. To stop a recording session, click Pause Recording icon Pause Recording on the toolbar of the Events View window.


All the captured events are displayed in the Events View of the Recording Studio. Use the Events View toolbar options to playback or export recorded events, or to save a recorded event as a test, stub, or trigger.