Recording WebSphere® MQ and TIBCO EMS Server events

Recording for WebSphere® MQ transports is carried out in a different way than other transports. The WebSphere® MQ transport does not provide a native method for watching a queue in a non-destructive manner. In other words, events cannot be captured without taking them off the queue.

Recording WebSphere® MQ events

Because events cannot be captured without removing them from a queue, HCL OneTest API uses WebSphere® MQ browse facility to capture messages. To record WebSphere® MQ events, HCL OneTest API polls the queue at a predefined interval and copies event information to the Events View.

Note: Due to the way that HCL OneTest API records WebSphere® MQ events, it is possible that an event could be placed on the queue and removed from the queue before it is seen by HCL OneTest API. Such events would not be recorded, and they would not be listed on the Events View window. Additionally, if you stop recording an operation and start again, all of the events on the queue are placed in the Events View, even if they were recorded previously.
Note: Recording is started by using the User ID and Password configured on the WebSphere® MQ Server Physical Transport. If none is configured, then the Windows User ID and password that was used to log in to HCL OneTest API is used to start recording.

Recording TIBCO EMS Server events

Users can record all traffic from a TIBCO EMS server thus removing the requirement to specify in advance which server operations are to be recorded.

When you record TIBCO EMS server events, only newly published messages are recorded. Messages that already exist on queues are not recorded.

Recording Studio queue permissions

When recording messages in Recording Studio a broader subscription is made to enable the capture of all types of messages. Add the following permissions to the user:
grant topic $sys.monitor.Q.r.> user=testuser subscribe
grant topic $sys.monitor.T.r.> user=testuser subscribe commit
For more information on these commands, refer to the TIBCO EMS documentation.