Playing back recorded events

You can select recorded events and replay them in the Recording Studio perspective. You can specify the pacing speed with which the messages are published (as-fast-as-possible, defined interval, or as-original). Rules and functions in the Rule Cache can be used to make basic modifications to message contents as they are published. Playback works on events that have been exported and re-imported.


  1. In HCL OneTest API, open the Recording Studio perspective.
  2. In the Event Monitors view, select the events to be played back.
    Note: Only the request and publish events (that is, outbound events) in the selection are replayed. Reply and subscribe events are ignored.
  3. Click Playback button Playback on the toolbar of the Events View window.
  4. In the Playback dialog:
    1. Select an environment from the llist.
    2. Optional: To terminate the playback when an error occurs, select Stop on error.
    3. Optional: To configure the speed at which you want the events to play back, select Enable pacing. You can either set the Pacing mode to the same gaps with which the events were originally recorded or specify an interval (in seconds) according to your needs.
    4. Optional: To run rules from the Rule Cache on the selected events, select Run rules on events.


The selected events are played back.