Recording from an ad hoc monitor

Create an ad hoc monitor to record events from a transport rather than from an operation.

Before you begin

In the early stages of a project, you might not yet have much of the logical architecture of the system. Use this feature to record messages that you can use to build the architecture, tests, and stubs.

To use this feature, you must have a logical transport with a valid binding to a physical transport in the current working environment.

About this task

In some cases, you can record events directly from a transport. Where this option is not available, or where extra software is needed to record directly from the transport, you can create an ad hoc monitor.


  1. In the Recording Studio perspective, click the Ad Hoc Monitor icon on the Event Monitors toolbar.
  2. In the Ad Hoc Monitor wizard, provide the following information:
    Enter a name to be displayed in the list of Event Monitors.
    Click Browse to display a list of available logical transports in the current project.
    Message Type
    The available values depend on the value of the Transport field.
    Header Information
    The available values depend on the value of the Transport field. For more information, see the documentation for the appropriate transport type.
    Display Color
    Choose a unique color to identify the events that are associated with this monitor.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Event Monitor window, select the new ad hoc monitor.
  5. In the Events View window, click Start Recording.

What to do next

After recording from this monitor, you can use the messages in the same way that you use any other recordings, including the following tasks: