Locked and draft items | HCL Digital Experience

As you collaborate with other users, you might encounter items that are locked because they are being edited by another user or because a draft item has been created.

Locked items

When a user is editing an item, the item is locked to other users. Other users cannot edit the item until the current user closes the item that is being edited. A lock locked displays when container content is locked.

Users with administrator access can unlock items currently being edited by a user by selecting an item and then clicking Unlock.

Users with manager access can also unlock items if they have manager access to both the item and the library where it is stored.

Hierarchical item lock options

You can configure how site areas, taxonomies, and categories are locked. These items are not locked by default.

When locks are enabled for site areas, you cannot create any children within the locked site area. For example, if a site area is locked, you cannot create any site areas or content items within that site area until it is unlocked. This restriction applies only to direct children of a locked parent. Items that are descendants of a child of a locked parent are not affected.

Draft items

When a new draft of a published item is created, a check mark displays for the published page that is checked out because it has a draft. No other user can create a draft until the current draft progresses through a workflow and its state changes to published.