Configure your content spot | HCL Digital Experience

The Configure Spot feature provides a convenient place for selecting the type of content to display in a web content viewer. You can target content to segments, display content with page context, or select a specific content item for the spot.

From the Configure Spot menu, select the type of content to add to the spot. You can add specified, contextual, or targeted content to the spot.

Specified Content

  • You need the same content item to always display in the spot.
  • The content item that you plan to display in this spot applies to everyone that can view the web content viewer.

Contextual Content

  • The content item that displays must automatically change as the page context changes. For example, the content that displays might be determined by a link that you click.
  • The same content item displays to everyone that can view the web content viewer.

Targeted Content

  • A single content item does not meet your content goals for the spot.
  • You need a way to display alternative content to different user segments (audiences) or to hide the spot for particular segments.

View content details

Configure Spot provides you with a quick way of getting information about your web content. Regardless of the type of content you select for the spot, you can learn more about the content item from the Details view.

From Details, you can learn the following information about your content item:

  • Name of the content item with the option to edit the content item inline.
  • Name of the authoring template if available with the option to edit the authoring template inline.
  • Summary of when the content item was last updated, created, and workflow status.
  • Location information that includes the path to the content item in the web content library and any associated project name.