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The specified content option is an easy way to configure the spot to point to a single path in your web content library for displaying content. With this option, you can focus on picking the best content item for the spot.

See an example of specified content

Content goal
You are responsible for managing the biographies of speakers at a conference. To have high conference attendance, visitors to the site need to know who is speaking at the conference and some general information about each speaker.
Audience for content
This content applies to anyone that is attending the conference or is considering attending the conference.
Configuration details
Regardless of the content settings for the page, you need the content that displays in this spot to always come from the CTC Demo/Home/Program/Speakers/Components folder in your library.
Configure Spot: Specified Content dialog highlighting the Location as CTC Demo > CTC Demo > Home > Program > Speaker .
You decide to create an index list. With this index list, you list out the names of the speakers and their summary biographies. Each summary biography contains a link that a visitor can click to view the full biography.
Image of the Index List (Specified) showing two speakers and their summary biographies. There is a link for More Information at the end of each summary.