Staging to production | HCL Digital Experience

During portal solution development, the solution is initially developed, tested, and refined on one server or a limited number of servers. The solution is deployed later on live systems, referred to as the production environment. The process of moving the solution from the development environment to the production environment is called staging.

Staging is required at multiple times during the development cycle of a solution. Each release of the solution is created on one system and then moved to the production system. During the development lifecycle, multiple solution releases are created and brought into production. Multiple solution releases are built on the previous product release.

Staging is only possible between the same product release. In contrast, upgrading from one release to a newer release is called migration.

HCL Digital Experience and HCL Web Content Manager solutions can consist of many artifacts. These artifacts include portlets, themes and skins, portlet services, page layouts, wires, portlet configurations, portlet data, web content, and personalization rules. Staging helps you move those artifacts to the production environment in a controlled way.