How to delete items | HCL Digital Experience

You cannot always immediately delete items. Sometimes you need to take steps to prepare an item for deletion.

To delete an item:
  1. Select the items that you want to delete from an index view.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. If any item cannot be deleted, a dialog opens listing which items need to be fixed before they can be deleted.

Referential integrity

When you delete items that are referenced by other items, you need to resolve any references that are broken by deleting the item. A dialog opens listing the items that cannot be deleted. For more information about managing references, see Managing references.

Restoring items

You can restore a deleted item by restoring a version of an item. For more information about restoring versions, see How to manage versions of items.

Purging items

Users who are granted manager access or higher to a library can purge deleted items by selecting deleted items in the "All Items" view and then clicking Purge. This action removes all occurrences of the selected item, including all versions. You cannot restore purged items.

You can view a list of deleted items in either the My Items > Deleted or All Items Deleted views.