Web content folders | HCL Digital Experience

You use folders to group sets of web content item types into logical groupings.

Folders are used to group sets of item types into logical groupings. This feature is useful when you have large numbers of items in your library and want to distinguish between different groups of items within each item type view.

For example, you might create the following component folders to distinguish between different types of image components:
  • Photos
  • Logos
  • Diagrams
  • Design images
You can create folders for the following item types:
  • authoring templates
  • presentation templates
  • components
The folders that you create are displayed in the authoring portlet within each item type view.
  • Only a single item type can be stored per folder. For example, if you create a folder under the Presentation Template view, only presentation templates can be saved in that folder.
  • You can create folders under existing folders to create a hierarchical structure of folders.
  • You add items to folders by selecting a folder as a location when you first create an item, or by moving or copying an item into an existing folder.