HCL Commerce Enterprise

Creating a business account

To create a business account, use the Business Relationship Management tools in Management Center. The seller administrator creates a buyer organization by using the Organization Administration Console before a new business account can be created. Ensure that at least one person who is associated with the buyer organization is a registered customer (a contact at the buyer organization is required).

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that the Organization Participant role is assigned to the organization for which you are creating the account.
  2. Ensure that the buyer organization that was created is a member of the Registered Customers. Add the buyer organization if required.


  1. Open Management Center Tools. HCL Commerce Version or laterOpen Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Accounts > Accounts and Contracts.
  2. Click Accounts. A list of all the accounts is displayed for the selected store.
  3. Click New. New Account page displays.
  4. Complete the below fields to create new account:
    • In the Account details field,
      • Enter the name of the Organization you want to create an account for.
      • In the Contact field, enter the name of the contact. Once you select the Organization, name of he contact related to that organization is displayed in the contact field.
      • Provide Contact Information of the contact name given above.
      • Enter Comments, if any.
      • Select the check-box, if you want to purchase under the terms and conditions of the selected store's default contract.
      • Select the check-box, if this account is for base contract.
    • Click Next.
    • In the Purchase Order field,
      • Select the check-box, if you want to specify the Purchase Order number at the time of placing an order. If you select this check-box, you can check the uniqueness of the purchase order number.
      • Click New, A new purchase order dialog box opens.
      • Enter the Purchase Order Number.
        Note: Purchase Order Number is only for accounts which have buyer organizations. It does not work with base contracts.
      • Specify a maximum spending amount for this purchase order in the Spending Limit field. Select the Currency for your purchase order.
      • Click Save to save the New Purchase Order details.
    • Click Next and provide Credit line information.
      • Provide Account number with Description.
      • In the Billing address field, the address given for the organization selected will pop-up.
    • Click Next to proceed with Payment and billing.
      • If the address is not predefined, the customer can select an address from one of the address books provided.
      • Click New to Add payment method.
      • Click Save to add information about new payment method added.
    • Click Next and provide information about Shipping.
      • Select the shipping method from the list of Available Shipping methods. All the shipping methods you have selected can be seen in Selected shipping methods column.
      • Select the shipping charge types from the list of Available Shipping Charge types. All the shipping charges you have selected can be seen in Selected shipping charge types column.
      • Select the shipping address for the account either from Available Shipping Address list or from the address books. The shipping address you have selected can be seen in Selected shipping address column.
    Note: Except Account details, all the other fields are optional.
  5. Click Finish to save the new account. The business account is displayed in the Accounts page for selected store.