Creating and scheduling the ContractPriceCalculate job

The ContractPriceCalculate job command is used for calculating prices on a schedule for all catalog entries that belong to a specific master catalog. The catalog entry price is calculated against all contracts that belong to the store.


  1. Open Management Center Tools and from the hamburger menu, click System Administration > Scheduler.
  2. Click Scheduler. A list of jobs that are scheduled to run is displayed.
  3. Create the ContractPriceCalculate job:
    1. Click New.
    2. Create the ContractPriceCalculate job with the following values:
      New Scheduled Job: ContractPriceCalculate
      Parameter Value
      Job command ContractPriceCalculate
      Required parameters
      The ID of the store for which you want to schedule the job.
      The name of the HCL Commerce instance with which you are working (for example, demo).
      The fully qualified host name of your HCL Commerce Server (for example, is fully qualified).
      The master catalog ID of the store that contains the prices to calculate. The job scopes the calculating to be performed only against the provided master catalog.
      The user ID of the HCL Commerce Site Administrator. The price calculation is run under the authority of this user.
      The password of the HCL Commerce Site Administrator.
      Optional parameters
      The contract IDs to calculate.
      The catalog entry IDs to calculate.
      The number of calculators.
      The default value is 1000.
      The size to flush the database.
      The default value is 1000.
      Start date Enter the current date.
      Start time Enter a time that you want to start the job for the first time.
      Schedule interval Type the number of seconds between successive runs of this job. If this parameter is omitted, the job runs only 1 time.
      Job priority Enter 10 to indicate that the job is high priority.
      Application type Enter Search as the type so that the job is completed under a separate work manager thread pool.

      For more information about the full set of parameters for scheduled jobs, see Scheduling a site-level job.

    3. Click Save.


Your job is listed on the Scheduler Status Display page and runs at the specified start time.