Changing installment rules

You can update your installment rules to correct errors, adjust strategy, or to realign dates. You can change the properties of an installment rule, including the description, priority, start date, and end date.

Before you begin

Your installment rule must be in the inactive state before you can edit it.


  1. Open the Installments tool.
  2. In the explorer view filter, click Installment Rules.
    The Installment Rules list view displays, containing a list of the currently defined installment rules.
  3. Locate the installment rule that you want to edit in the table view and do one of the following:
    • Click an editable cell within the installment rule, such as priority, that you want to change on the spot.
    • Right-click the installment rule that you want to change; then click Open to open the properties view for the installment rule.
  4. Update the installment rule properties as required.
  5. Click Save; then click Close.

What to do next

To make the installment rule available to customers, you must activate it.