Creating promotions

Use the Promotions tool to create promotions that offer your customers incentives to purchase. You can create a wide variety of promotions to meet the promotional needs for your store.

An administrator can use the Data Load utility to create promotions. This feature makes it easier for an administrator to quickly create multiple promotions. For example, an administrator can extract a promotion from one store and then load the promotion into stores in other environments for testing the promotion in multiple test environments.

Before you begin

Ensure that your storefront supports the features of your promotion. For example:
  • If you select the Customer can choose free gifts from a list option, the storefront must display the list to customers. This feature is supported and enabled by default for the Aurora starter store.
  • If you select the Target payment type option, the storefront must apply the promotion to qualifying customer orders. To do so, enable the Payment type promotions store function. For more information, see Selecting store functions.