Changing merchandising associations for a kit

If you change the components of a kit, you can also change to the merchandising associations. You can change the name, association type, quantity, and sequence.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer tree, select a catalog.
  3. Find the kit you want to change.
  4. In the list view or explorer tree, right-click the kit; then click Open.
    The Kit Properties view displays.
  5. Click the Merchandising Associations tab.
  6. Change the Merchandising Associations Information. Complete the following information:
    Code The kit unique identifier. This number cannot be changed.
    Name The name of the kit. This value cannot be changed.
    Association The type of merchandising association: accessory, replacement, up-sell, or cross-sell.
    Quantity The number of SKUs within the selected catalog entry.
    Sequence The order in which the object is displayed. Numbers are displayed in ascending order.
    Type An icon that represents the asset type. This field is read-only.
    Store Name The name of the extended sites store.
  7. To add a merchandising association, see Adding a new merchandising association.
  8. To delete a merchandising association, see Deleting a merchandising association.
  9. Click Save; then click Close.