Changing descriptive attributes within catalog entries

You can change a descriptive attribute for a catalog entry. This is useful when certain conditions change, for example, if a product is now machine washable instead of dry clean only.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. Find the catalog entry that contains the descriptive attribute you want to change.
  3. In the Search Results list view, right-click the catalog entry; then click Open to open the properties view for the catalog entry.
  4. Click the Descriptive Attributes tab.
  5. In the Descriptive Attributes table, select the attribute that you want to change.
  6. Click an editable cell within the table to change the current information on the spot. You can edit information that is contained within the following cells in the Descriptive Attributes table.
    Sequence The order in which to display objects. Numbers are displayed in ascending order.
    Name The name of the descriptive attribute. This field is language-sensitive.
    Data Type The data type of the attribute. You can specify any of the following data types for the attribute:
    • Text
    • Whole number
    • Decimal number
    Description The description for the attribute. This field is language-sensitive.
    Value The value of the attribute. Attribute values are based on the data type of the attribute, such as text, whole number, or decimal number. This field is language-sensitive.
    Image Path The relative path where the image is located. This field can be edited in multiple languages.This field is hidden by default.
    Unit of Measure The unit of measure that is used for the attribute, such as Kilogram. This field is hidden by default.
    Tip: To display a hidden field, right-click any column heading; then click Configure Columns.
  7. Click Save or Save and Close.