Adding multiple parent categories to a child category

You can add more than one parent category to a child category within the same sales catalog. For example, in a seasonal clothing sales catalog, the hats category can belong to both the winter clothing and accessories parent categories.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer filter, select Sales Catalog Categories.
  3. Select the child category in the explorer tree.
    Note: The child and parent categories must belong to the same sales catalog.
  4. Right-click the child category and click Open.
    The child category properties view is displayed.
  5. Add the parent category to the child category using one of the following ways:
    • Select the parent category from the explorer view, and drag it to the Parent table in the Sales Categories Parents section.
    • Scroll to the Sales Categories Parents section. To add a new parent, click the Show utilities view Show utilities view. Browse for the new parent category and drag it to the Parent table.

    Repeat this step to add another parent to the child category.

  6. Click Save; then click Close.
    You can browse the child category from any one of the parent categories.