Assigning descriptive attributes from the attribute dictionary to a single catalog entry

You can assign descriptive attributes from the attribute dictionary to a catalog entry.

About this task

Additional descriptive information about a catalog entry is called a descriptive attribute. Descriptive attributes can have assigned values or predefined values. Descriptive attributes can display text or images.Use attributes that are contained within the attribute dictionary for new products or products that do not already contain descriptive attributes.

For example, a coffee maker might have the following text descriptive attributes: Auto-off, Timer, Espresso. An article of clothing might have a descriptive attribute of Dry-clean only.

If you want to assign multiple descriptive attributes to multiple catalog entries, use the attribute assignment features. For more information, see Assigning attribute dictionary descriptive attributes to multiple catalog entries

To help you determine which catalog entries need to be assigned a specific attribute, you can view the existing assignments for an attribute in the References tab for that attribute. For more information, see Viewing the catalog entries that are assigned an attribute dictionary attribute.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. Find the catalog entry that you want to add a descriptive attribute to.
  3. In the Search Results list view, right-click the catalog entry. Then, click Open to open the properties view for the catalog entry.
  4. Click the Descriptive Attributes tab.
    All of the descriptive attributes that are currently assigned to the selected catalog entry are listed in the Descriptive Attributes (Attribute Dictionary) table.
  5. Find and add the attribute to the selected catalog entry.
    The attribute is added to the Descriptive Attributes (Attribute Dictionary) table.
  6. Specify a value for the attribute.
    Attributes with predefined values From the list in the Value field, select a value.
    Attributes with assigned values In the Value field, specify a value for the attribute.
    You can assign one or more values for the same descriptive attribute in a catalog entry. The same descriptive attribute can be added in multiple rows with different values assigned to the attribute. For example, if a specific video game supports more than one platform, you can assign more than one attribute value to that product. To assign more than one value, you can add multiple rows with the same attribute but different supported values as shown here:
    Screen capture of multiple values for a product attribute in Management Center.
  7. Click Save; then click Close.