Substitution parameters for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you are editing SEO properties for a category, catalog entry, or static page in Management Center, several SEO substitution parameters are available to use when you are overwriting the default title, meta description, meta keyword, and alternative text for images description properties.

Note: Static pages are also referred to as content pages.
Substitution parameters are useful for creating SEO properties for store pages, particularly category, and catalog entry pages. They can be used when:
  • Loading title and meta description templates into your store
  • Changing SEO properties in Management Center
  • To insert an SEO substitution parameter, use the format: <seo:SEOSUBSTITUTIONPARAMETER />

    For example, to add the page title Shop coffee-makers from Aurora in the coffee maker category page, use the format: Shop <seo:CategoryName /> from <seo:StoreName />

  • If a substitution parameter is misspelled or references a substitution parameter that does not exist, it appears as entered. For example, Shop coffee-makers from StooreName.
  • If a substitution parameter is used for an incorrect page type, it appears as entered.
The following table lists the available SEO substitution parameters:
Available for SEO substitution parameter Description Example of a White Wing Chair in Aurora
Category pages

Catalog entry pages

Static (or content) pages

StoreName The name of the store Aurora
StoreDescription The store's description Online Department Store
Category pages CategoryName The name of the category Furniture
CategoryKeyword The category keyword housewares,furniture,chairs,desks,tables,sofas,loveseats,outdoor
CategoryShortDescription The category's short description Furnish your entire home with this elegant collection
CategoryHierarchy The category hierarchy Furniture/Lounge Chairs/
Catalog entry pages ProductName The catalog entry's name White Wing Chair
ProductKeyword The catalog entry's keyword Chair,White,Furniture
ProductShortDescription The catalog entry's short description Wing chair to complement any décor
ProductPartNumber The catalog entry's part number FULO-03
ProductManufacturerPartNumber The catalog entry's manufacturer's part number Padders-Inc-101
ProductManufacturerName The catalog entry's manufacturer Padders-Inc