HCL Commerce Version or later

TinyMCE Editor

The rich text editor used throughout Management Center for HCL Commerce has changed from CKEditor to TinyMCE.

From version 9.1.14 onwards, Management Center for HCL Commerce has replaced CKEditor with TinyMCE editor version 6.6.0 and is available by default. The existing CKEditor 4 support is not available from version 9.1.14 onwards. The latest version, 4.22 of CKEditor, is available for customers but is dark-coded. You can enable the CKEditor by running the following query:
Where, hostname:8000 is domain and port used to launch the Management Center.
See Rich text editor (CKEditor) to know more about CKEditor.

Throughout Management Center, some objects contain fields where you can edit and format text. For example, you can create a bullet list or add HTML code to enhance text display on the storefront.

The following fields support the TinyMCE editor in the Management Center for rich text editing:
Table 1. List of tools supported in Management Center
Tool Fields
Catalogs tool
  • The Long description field in the products properties.
  • The Long description field in the properties for a master category.
  • The Long description field in the properties for a sales category.
  • The Long description field in the properties for a rule-based sales category.
Marketing tool
  • The Email content field in the properties for an email template.
  • The Content field in the properties for marketing content.
Promotions tool
  • The Customer viewable long description field in the properties for promotion under the Descriptions tab.
Commerce Composer tool
  • The Layout field in the properties of the Text Editor widget.

The following image displays the editing options available with the TinyMCE editor.

For more information about the various options in the toolbar, see Editing text in the TinyMCE editor.

Advantages of TinyMCE editor

TinyMCE editor has similar features as CKEditor except for the following features that are not available in the CKEditor:
  • You can insert emojis in the long descriptions.
  • You can insert or edit the media.
The following table lists the capabilities of the TinyMCE editor.
Editor features
Editor features TinyMCE
Clear format
Numbered list
Bulleted list
Decrease indent
Increase indent
Block Quote
Align left
Align center
Align right
Text direction from left to right
Text direction from right to left
Insert/Edit link
Insert/Edit image
Insert/Edit media
Insert special character
Insert Emojis
Font size
Paragraph format
Text color
Background color
Edit/View source code
Full screen
New Document
Paste as plain text
Find and replace
Select all
Insert horizontal line
Insert nonbreaking space
Insert date and time
Insert/Remove Numbered list
Insert/Remove Bulleted list
Insert/delete table
Word count
URL link
Insert document bookmark
Style (for example, Coding, Red title)
Show block
About TinyMCE