HCL Commerce Version

HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce was released on July 21, 2022.

Security updates

HCL Commerce contains the following security-related fixes.
Affected software CVE(s) Vulnerability
WebSphere Application Server and IBM HTTP Server CVE-2022-26377, CVE-2022-28615, CVE-2022-28614, CVE-2022-29404, CVE-2022-31813, CVE-2022-30556 Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM HTTP Server included with WebSphere Application Server affect HCL Commerce
HCL Commerce CVE-2021-27785 HCL Commerce could allow a local attacker to obtain sensitive personal information
WebSphere Application Server Liberty CVE-2022-22475, CVE-2021-46708, CVE-2022-22393 Multiple vulnerabilities in WebSphere Application Server Liberty affect HCL Commerce
WebSphere Application Server and IBM HTTP Server CVE-2022-22721, CVE-2022-22720, CVE-2022-22365, CVE-2022-22719 Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere Application Server affect HCL Commerce
jackson-databind, Spring Framework CVE-2020-36518, CVE-2022-22950 Multiple vulnerabilities in open source components affect HCL Commerce
Apache Struts 2, org.cyberneko.html CVE-2021-31805, CVE-2022-24839 Multiple vulnerabilities in open source components affect HCL Commerce

Important changes

HCL Commerce contains the following important changes to site features and functionality.

Important: Required changes
  • Upgrading to HCL Commerce with a social network OAuth 2.0 login integration that was configured prior to requires changes to be made for the integration to continue working. No action will result in the integration ceasing to function.

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Feature enhancements

The following features have been introduced in this release. Review the following list to ensure that your site is prepared once this update is applied.

Indicates enhancements inspired by or created by customers and partners, and submitted through the HCL Commerce | Product Portal. Sign up to vote and submit your own ideas!

Google Anthos certification
HCL Commerce has been tested on Google Anthos. Google Anthos provides improved scaling, management, and upgrade functionality for Kubernetes deployments.
Migrating DOM-based inventory to Elasticsearch
You can easily move inventory created in a Distributed Order Management (DOM) system into Elasticsearch. Samples are provided to assist you with setting up the migration.

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Seller-grouping available in Marketplace
Seller-grouping is available in checkout flow and order-history of the marketplace stores. Now shoppers can also type the seller name in the search box and get suggestions for sellers and products.
Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and Store Locator component added for React store
Shoppers can buy products online and pick them up from their nearest stores using the BOPIS functionality. In order to make this process smoother, the HCL Commerce now comes with a store locator feature that helps the shoppers to locate the nearest physical store using online maps.

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Store locator: Learn more about the Store Locator..

Wishlist Enhancements

You can add products to your personalised wishlist in react-based stores. You need only drop a product into the wishlist and you can then add those wishlist products to the chekout whenever you wish.

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Sitemap Generator Enhancement

The sitemap generator now supports generation of sitemap files for Emerald and Sapphire stores. You can use the SEO pattern files to generate SEO URLs and also modify these SEO Pattern files to generate your own SEO URLs.

Marketplace Enhancements
The Marketplace is a web store that allows shoppers to shop for multiple products. The entity who owns the marketplace is known as the Marketplace Operator. The Marketplace Operator can add a number of sellers to the marketplace and allow them to sell their products on the assigned marketplaces. They can add a number of sellers to one marketplace or can add a seller to a number of marketplaces.

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Catalog Updates
Catalog contains the information related to all the products available for shoppers on the storefront. You can perform multiple tasks such as updating catalog entries, searching catalog update requests, previewing the updated catalog entries and so on.

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Inventory Updates
Inventory is the number of products that are available for shoppers. You can update the existing information by updating and uploading .CSV file.

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Order Management
HCL Commerce allows the Marketplace Operators and Marketplace Sellers to manage orders placed from the storefront through the Management Center. You can change the order status, update the seller details and perform more functions through the Order Management.

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Access Control
There are three roles related to the Marketplace:
  • Marketplace Operator
  • Marketplace Seller
  • Marketplace Seller Administrator
Depending upon the role that is assigned to you, the functions you have access to and the tasks you can perform related to the Marketplace through the Management Center vary.

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Seller Dashboard
Both the Marketplace Seller and the Marketplace Seller Administrator can access Marketplace functions through the Seller Dashboard.

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Page Composer
When creating a new layout, you can assign the layout as a default layout for the selected page. A new page called Category-level SKU Display Pages added in the page list shown.

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In prior releases, Commerce only allowed provided widgets to be used in the Page Composer tool. From HCL Commerce version onwards, you can create custom widgets to incorporate into your store pages.

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Ingest Tuning Guide
Ingest Tuning Guide is a continuation of the previous tuning guide Elasticsearch based search perfomance tuning guide for the NiFi/ Elasticsearch components of the HCL Commerce search solution. This guide will help you gain a broad understanding of tuning and discuss how to tune the solution for a certain setup and catalog structure.

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Defect fixes

See HCL Commerce in Fixes that are included in HCL Commerce releases for a detailed list of defects that were fixed in this release and its associated fix pack.

Supported companion software

HCL Commerce has been tested with the following companion software.
Commerce Companion software Database Browsers
HCL Commerce Version
  • WebSphere Application Server + PH44339
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty
  • IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version
  • IBM HTTP Server + PH46897
  • Elasticsearch
    • x86-647.17.1
    • Power7.8.0
  • ZooKeeper
    • x86-643.8.0
    • Power3.6.2
  • Redis
    • x86-646.2.7
    • Power6.2.6
  • Reddison 3.17.4
  • NiFi 1.16.2
  • NiFi Registry 1.16.2
  • Solr-based search solution
    • IBM Db2 11.5
    • Oracle 18c
    • Oracle 19c
  • Elasticsearch-based search solution
    • IBM Db2 11.5
    • Oracle 19c
  • Management Center for HCL Commerce
    • Edge 20+
    • Internet Explorer 9+
    • Firefox 39+
    • Chrome 44+
    • Safari 10+
  • React-based storefronts
    • Edge 87+
    • Firefox 84+
    • Chrome 87+
    • Safari 14+
  • Aurora-based storefronts
    • Internet Explorer 20H2+
    • Edge 87+
    • Firefox 84+
    • Chrome 87+
    • Safari 14+