HCL Commerce Version

HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce was released on December 11, 2020.

Security updates

HCL Commerce contains the following security-related fixes.
Affected software CVE(s) Vulnerability
WebSphere Application Server CVE-2020-4782, CVE-2020-4576 Multiple vulnerabilities in WebSphere Application Server affects HCL Commerce
JUnit4 CVE-2020-15250 Vulnerability in JUnit4 affects HCL Commerce

Important changes

HCL Commerce contains the following important changes to site features and functionality.
Important: Required changes

There are no updates to that require your immediate attention.

Feature enhancements

The following features have been introduced in this release. Review the following list to ensure that your site is prepared once this update is applied.

Cache Manager gives you control of Redis caches
A new container has been added, the Cache Manager. With the Manager you can monitor and control your Remote HCL Cache in Redis.

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Dimension Matchmaker improves Natural Language Processing
Using the new Dimension Matchmaker, your customers can search for products according to specific measurements of height, width, or length.

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Enhanced Hero product image
Hero image functionality now supports category browsing, keyword search, can promote representative SKUs in store pages, and displays indexed price ranges for products in category pages.

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Enhanced Ingest API
Management and customization of NiFi connectors and processors has been improved.

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Request level log tracing for the Query service
Each query sent to Elasticsearch is now logged at the request level, meaning after preprocessing and at the point where the query interacts with the Elasticsearch engine. Although by default logs are generated at the ERROR level, you can switch to any log level for any particular request.

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Linked product support
You can use catalog entry assignments to add catalog entries to multiple sales categories at a time. By using catalog entry assignments, you can create sales categories quickly and efficiently.

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Linked category support
You can link a category from the master catalog to a sales catalog or from one sales catalog to another. Linking helps to keep your categories consistent.

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NiFi customization
You can now create your own custom processor to perform different operations or to transform flowfile content according to specific business requirements.

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Query service customization
The Query service has been improved. You can now create your own expression providers, pre-processors, post-processors, and custom handlers to satisfy your business requirements.

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Supported companion software

HCL Commerce has been tested with the following companion software.
Commerce Companion software Database Browsers
HCL Commerce Version
  • WebSphere Application Server + PH26220 + PH27509 +PH29871 + PH27157
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty + TFOLGH13861
  • IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version
  • IBM HTTP Server
  • Elasticsearch
    • x86-647.12.0
    • Power7.8.0
  • Solr-based search solution
    • IBM Db2 11.5
    • Oracle 18c
    • Oracle 19c
  • Elasticsearch-based search solution
    • IBM Db2 11.5
    • Oracle 19c
  • Management Center for HCL Commerce
    • Edge 20+
    • Internet Explorer 9+
    • Firefox 39+
    • Chrome 44+
    • Safari 10+
  • React-based storefronts
    • Edge 87+
    • Firefox 84+
    • Chrome 87+
    • Safari 14+
  • Aurora-based storefronts
    • Internet Explorer 20H2+
    • Edge 87+
    • Firefox 84+
    • Chrome 87+
    • Safari 14+