HCL Commerce Version

HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce was released on July 29, 2020.

Security updates

HCL Commerce does not contain any security-related fixes or updates.

Important changes

HCL Commerce contains the following important changes to site features and functionality.
  • Important: Required changes

    There are no updates to that require your immediate attention.

Feature enhancements

The following features have been introduced in this release. Review the following list to ensure that your site is prepared once this update is applied.

Management Center Tools
Version 9.1 has new tools from the Organization Administration Console, Administration Console, and Commerce Accelerator. The following tools are now available within Management Center:
  • Organization Management
  • User Management
  • Approval Management
  • Message Management
  • Member Group Management
  • Extended Sites Store Management
  • Scheduler
  • Account Management

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Modernized search architecture with Ingest and Elasticsearch
The HCL Commerce Search Version 9.1 Ingest service provides a new data loading architecture and is integrated with the popular Elasticsearch indexing platform. It includes a new indexing model that makes customization easier and accommodates incremental updates. The new Query service provides enhanced search and browse capabilities for shoppers to navigate through the catalog at the storefront. This microservice retains backwards compatibility with the Commerce Transaction server, storefront, and Xc customizations. Advancements in natural language parsing, part-of-speech tagging and text mining enable more sophisticated merchandising and analysis in the future.
Your investment in Apache Solr is protected, with Solr still supported for backwards compatibility.

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Custom stores using React JavaScript library
You can now create a React single page application store using the HCL Commerce Store SDK that is provided for pages and React components. The Store SDK allows your front end developers to quickly develop and deploy a store while focusing on creating the best user experience possible. The Store SDK includes a B2C (Emerald) Reference Store application and a B2B (Sapphire) Reference Store application. Use these Reference Store applications to develop and deploy your own React Store application. The Emerald and Sapphire stores are provided only as a guideline for your front end developers.

The React B2B and B2C Reference Store applications are headless stores that utilize Commerce Transaction and the new V2 Search REST APIs. The new V2 Search REST APIs are provided only on HCL Commerce Search with Elasticsearch for V9.1.

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Data Load utility parallelization
The ability to improve Data Load performance by leveraging multiple data writing threads has been implemented.

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HCL Cache
The HCL Cache extends the capabilities and performance of DynaCache by adding remote centralized caching with Redis, and improved operational and monitoring support.

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Metrics Monitoring framework provides customizable dashboards
The new Version 9.1 monitoring and reporting structure provides timely logging and monitoring data in the industry-standard Prometheus format. You can use any of a number of popular visualization dashboards, including Grafana, as the front-end for monitoring your systems.

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