Displaying on an Aurora store page that is not managed in Commerce Composer

Store pages that are not managed in the Commerce Composer tool contain specialized e-Marketing Spots that can display dynamic recommendations from . To display these recommendations, you must run a web activity in the specialized e-Marketing Spot that uses the Display action.

Before you begin

This procedure is part of a larger task flow. Make sure you have completed the previous steps in the task flow before attempting this procedure. See Task flow: Enabling features.


  1. Find the name of the specialized e-Marketing Spot in which you want to display the recommendations.
    In the default Aurora starter store, the following e-Marketing Spots can display dynamic recommendations from :

    E-Marketing Spots that can display dynamic recommendations from

    Page that contains e-Marketing Spot Name of e-Marketing Spot
    Shopping Cart (B2C) or Current Order (B2B) page ShoppingCart_ProductRec
    Order Confirmation page OrderConf_ProductRec

    If you have added the specialized e-Marketing Spot to other store pages, the name will be different.

  2. Open the Marketing tool. in Management Center.
  3. In the selected e-Marketing Spot, create a web activity that uses the Display action. When you set the properties for the Display action, specify the zone ID that is defined in the software.

    For detailed instructions about creating this type of web activity, see Creating a web activity that displays IBM Product Recommendations.