Displaying on an Aurora store page that is managed in Commerce Composer

When a store page is managed in the Commerce Composer tool, the page content is defined by widgets that are arranged in a layout. To display recommendations generated by , you must add a specialized widget, called the widget, to the layout for the page. Then, run a web activity in the widget that uses the Display action.

Before you begin

This procedure is part of a larger task flow. Make sure you have completed the previous steps in the task flow before attempting this procedure. See Task flow: Enabling features.


  1. Open the Commerce Composer tool..
  2. In the explorer view on the left, find the page in which you want to display the recommendations. You can expand either the Content Pages folder or the Catalog Pages folder to see the pages that are managed in the Commerce Composer tool.
  3. In the explorer view, right-click the page and then click Show Layout List.
  4. In the Layout List, double-click the layout in which you want to display the recommendations.
    Note: If the page does not have a layout assigned, the page is using the default layout. For example, by default, product details pages in the Aurora starter store do not have a layout assigned. In this case, you must create a layout and assign it to the page. For more information, see Creating a layout for a page.
  5. Click the Design Layout tab.
  6. In the Wireframe image, click the numbered slot to which you want to add the widget.
  7. In the Filter by field, type IBM. Then, select the widget and click OK.
  8. Scroll down the Design Layout tab until you see the properties for the new widget.
  9. Above the Web activities table, click Create New Web ActivityCreate New Web Activity.
  10. From the Actions section in the palette, drag the Display IBM Product Recommendations action element onto a flow connector in the work area to the right of the E-Marketing Spot element.
  11. Click the Display IBM Product Recommendations action element to display its properties.
  12. Complete the properties for the action element.
  13. Save the web activity.
  14. Activate the web activity to make it available in the storefront.
  15. Close the web activity.
  16. Save and close the layout.