WebSphere Commerce Developer

Running the migrate Solr search utility

Run the migrate Solr search utility to migrate your search index to the new version.


  1. Ensure that the test server is stopped and that Rational Application Developer is not running.
  2. If you are migrating from WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 2 - 5, and use catalog filters, set up the search index to ensure that the catalog filters work in the new version:
    1. Complete the following task, specifying the configWCScheduleforCatalogFilter action.: Setting up the search index.
  3. Run the search index migration utility for each master catalog ID:
    1. Go to the following directory:
      • WCDE_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\bin
    2. Run the migrate Solr search utility:
      • migrateSolrSearch.bat -masterCatalogId masterCatalogId
      The ID of the master catalog (for example, 10101).
      If you do not know the master catalog ID, run the following SQL:
      SQL: select * from catalog where IDENTIFIER='STORE_IDENTIFIER'
      Important: If you have multiple master catalog IDs, for example, 10001 and 10002, you must migrate all of them separately. That is, if you migrate only 10001, but do not migrate 10002, Solr configuration errors occur when you build the search index.
  4. Clean the test server.
    1. Start Rational Application Developer.
    2. Right-click the test server. Then, select Clean....
  5. Ensure that the utility runs successfully by reviewing the log file to see the results of the migration. The log file's location is specified in the migrate-solr-search-logging.properties file.
    By default, you can find the log at the following location:
    • WCDE_installdir\components\foundation\subcomponents\search\log\migrate-solr-search.log
    If the utility did not run successfully, you can modify the logging configuration file as needed, specifically the logging level:
    Logging configuration file parameters
    Parameter Value
    Logging levelcom.ibm.commerce.level
    The typical logging level to use for the utility. This level also lists all SQL statements that you can use to roll back the migration.
    This level lists all details as the utility runs. Use this level if you encounter errors or exceptions during the migration and you need additional information for troubleshooting.
    Log file location



    If you deployed the WebSphere Commerce Search cluster, ensure that the EAR changes are propagated to all the nodes.