Migrating the WebSphere Commerce Developer database

You can migrate your WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 database to the WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0 level by using either the Migration wizard or the command line.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the data in your KEYS table is valid. In particular, ensure that any rows you added for custom tables have valid data.
  • If you are migrating from WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 base or Feature Pack 1, and your store uses WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to manage store functions, you must migrate your store assets before you migrate your database. The database migration reads some store file assets and loads the data into new tables. You can then use Management Center rather than Accelerator to manage store functions for your migrated store. To migrate your store assets, see Migrating the Stores dynamic web project. After you migrate the Stores dynamic web project, begin migrating your database.