Migrating the Stores dynamic web project

To migrate your custom Stores project from WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 to WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0. You need only to migrate custom projects.

The store migration process involves exporting the following assets as archive files, and then importing the archive files:
  • Custom static store assets
  • Custom Java code
  • Custom JSP files


  1. Export the Stores dynamic web project from a WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 development environment workspace.
    1. Open your WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 development environment workspace and open the J2EE perspective.
    2. Select the project that contains your customized code. Right-click, then select Export > Export... > General > Archive file.
    3. Click Next.
    4. In the list of resources under Select the resources to export, clear the Stores check box, and select all contents under WebContent and src.
    5. Ensure the Create only selected directories option is selected.
    6. Click Browse and choose a path to save the exported archive file.
    7. Ensure Compress the contents of the file is selected.
    8. Click Finish to complete the export.
  2. Importing your custom project.
    1. Open your WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0 development environment workspace, and then open the Java EE perspective.
    2. Select the Stores project.
    3. Right-click the target project, then click Import > Import... > General > Archive file.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Click Browse to find the file you want to import.
      1. The class path for each custom project must be updated to resolve the dependencies on libraries and between projects.
      2. Do not import any of the metadata, or your migration fails. Metadata includes the following files:
        • WebContent/META-INF/
          • MANIFEST.MF
        • WebContent/WEB-INF/
          • base.tld
          • cachespec.xml
          • coremetrics.tld
          • flow.tld
          • ibm-web-bnd.xml
          • ibm-web-ext.xml
          • json.tld
          • stores.tld
          • struts-config.xml
          • struts-config-approval-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-catalog-fep.xml
          • struts-config-catalog-services.xml
          • struts-config-contract-services.xml
          • struts-config-coupon-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-GiftCenter.xml
          • struts-config-giftcenter-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-giftcenter-services.xml
          • struts-config-inventory-services.xml
          • struts-config-location-services.xml
          • struts-config-management-center.xml
          • struts-config-marketing-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-marketing-services.xml
          • struts-config-marketing-services-fep.xml
          • struts-config-member-services.xml
          • struts-config-member-services-fep.xml
          • struts-config-order-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-order-services.xml
          • struts-config-order-services-fep.xml
          • struts-config-organization-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-pagelayout-fep.xml
          • struts-config-person-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-price-services-fep.xml
          • struts-config-promotion-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-requisitionlist-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-search-fep.xml
          • struts-config-seo-fep.xml
          • struts-config-social-fep.xml
          • struts-config-store-services.xml
          • struts-config-subscription-rest-services.xml
          • struts-config-subscription-services.xml
          • struts-config-wallet-services.xml
          • struts-config-widgets.xml
          • struts-wc-webservices.xml
          • struts-wc-webservices.xml
          • tiles-defs.xml
          • validator-rules.xml
          • wcfSSFS.tld
          • wcpgl.tld
          • web.xml
        • WebContent/WEB-INF/lib
          • Foundation-TagLib.jar
        • WebContent/WEB-INF/config
          • Only directories with –ext extension are allowed to be imported from Version 7.0 to Version 8.0.
    6. If you are asked to overwrite any files, select Yes for each file.
    7. Click Finish.
  3. Manually copy all the files in the following directory from your version 7.0 development environment to the same directory on version 8.0 development environment: WCDE_installdir/workspace/WC/properties/tools/stores/store_dir
  4. Manually copy the following file from your version 7.0 development environment to the same directory on version 8.0 development environment: WCDE_installdir/workspace/WC/xml/member/MemberRegistrationAttribute.xml
  5. In version 8.0, key splitting is enabled by default. This might expose JavaScript issues in your store JSP pages. If you are migrating a store that was built before WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 Feature Pack 7, adjust any custom JSP files to use strings rather than integers for primary IDs. The following examples display what to look for in your store JSP files and how to adjust those files:
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir/Widgets/CompareProduct/CompareProduct_UI.jspf
    • WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir/ GiftCenter/searchRegistry/GiftRegistrySearchResultsDisplay.jsp