Verifying the migrated WebSphere Commerce Developer application

After you migrate your enterprise bean files into WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0, the final step is to verify the migrated application. To test your migrated application, access a test JSP page in the migrated store as in the previous WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 development environment.


  1. Start the WebSphere Commerce test server.
  2. Right-click the test server in the Servers view and select Publish. Wait for the application to finish publishing and to restart.
  3. Check the log file to ensure that no errors occurred during the development environment migration.
    1. Go to directory WCDE_installdir/logs/WCIM.
    2. Find the migration log file. The log file name is formatted as follows:
      wcim.component.data_time.log, for example, wcim.server.2009.
      The component that was migrated. For example, when you migrateWebSphere Commerce, the value is server.
      The date and time when the log is created (yyyy. mm. dd. hh. mm. ss) when the log was created.
      The year portion of the time stamp.
      The month portion of the time stamp.
      The day portion of the time stamp.
      The hour portion of the time stamp.
      The minutes portion of the time stamp.
      The seconds portion of the time stamp.
  4. Access your migrated store by entering the store URL into a browser. The following URL is an example of a store URL.
    • http://localhost/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/aurora
  5. Optional: Enter the URL to launch the custom application:
    • http://localhost/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/MyNewControllerCmd?input1=test@test&input2=10
    Where test@test is a valid WebSphere Commerce user ID.
  6. Complete a shopping flow.
  7. Open any of the following WebSphere Commerce tools and ensure that they function as expected.
    • https://host_name/webapp/wcs/tools/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=common.mcLogon
    • https://host_name/webapp/wcs/admin/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=adminconsole.AdminConsoleLogon
    • https:// /host_name/webapp/wcs/orgadmin/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=buyerconsole.BuyAdminConsoleLogon
    • https://host_name:8000/lobtools
    The host_name variable represents the fully qualified host name for your WebSphere Commerce Developer environment.
  8. Complete any additional testing on your custom application, including regression tests. For more information about the various types of tests to consider, see High-level functional verification test plan.