Migrating site security for WebSphere Commerce Developer

If you are migrating from WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 to WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0, manually migrate your security configurations.


  1. If you enabled AES encryption on your WebSphere Commerce development database and file system, migrate your encryption settings files to your version 8.0 development environment.
    1. Copy the following files from your WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 environment to the same location on your WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0 environment:
      • WCDE_installdir\setup\vmm.properties
      • WCDE_installdir\components\sso\properties\ltpa.properties
      • workspace_dir\WC\properties\ILogJRulesConfiguration.properties
      • workspace_dir\WC\XML\config\BusinessAuditDataCapture.xml
      • workspace_dir\WC\XML\config\FTP.xml
  2. If you used the Key Locator Framework (KLF) in WebSphere Commerce Developer 7.0, migrate your key provider customizations. For more information about the KLF, see Key Locator Framework (KLF)
    1. Open your version 7.0 workspace_dir/xml/config/wc-server.xml file, and look for the KeysConfigFile parameter. This parameter points to a separate custom key configuration XML.
    2. Open your custom key XML file.
    3. The custom files that are referenced in this keys XML file must be copied to the same directories on your version 8.0 development environment, and then deployed. For more information about this deployment process, see Deploying Java EE assets for a partial application.
  3. Migrate any other custom security files that were part of your version 7.0 development security solution by copying the files to your version 8.0 development environment and deploying the files.