WebSphere Commerce Developer

Building the search index

Fully build the search index to ensure that your search index works in the new version.

Before you begin

Delete all the index data directories for all Solr cores, so that the index can be built successfully in the new version. For example, all files in the following directories:
  • solrhome\MC_masterCatalogId\locale\CatalogEntry\data
  • solrhome\MC_masterCatalogId\locale\CatalogEntry\unstructured\data
  • solrhome\MC_masterCatalogId\locale\CatalogGroup\data


Complete the following task: Building the WebSphere Commerce Search index. Ensure that you build all index types.

If the index build fails with multiple languages due to OutOfMemoryError issues, you must increase the search server heap size. For example, increase it to 2 GB.