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Finding a return

When a customer is not satisfied with the product they have purchased, they can call a customer service representative (CSR) to create a return. A CSR can create, view and edit returns. This section explains how to find a return.


  1. Log on to the IBM Sales Center.
  2. Select the store that the merchandise is being returned to.
  3. Select Find from the Return menu.
  4. Enter one or more of the following search criteria:
    • Return number
    • Return status
    • Order number
    • Customer logon ID
    • Contract name (only applicable to a B2B store)

    Tip: Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in a field to broaden your search. Search information can be entered in the following formats:

    • *
    • XXX *
    • * XXX *

    where XXX is a partial string you want to search on. If search information is entered in any other format, the Find button will be disabled.

  5. Scroll through the Search result table to find the quote for which you are searching.

    Tip: Click a column heading in the Search result table to sort the current page of results (there may be more than one page) based on that heading.