Deprecated feature

UpdateSearchSpaces URL

Updates the Product Advisor separate search space following updates to products in the WebSphere Commerce catalog. This URL does not update the base search space.

The massload utility, and the Messaging system call this URL after updates have been made to existing records in the WebSphere Commerce catalog.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path

UpdateSearchSpaces.gif (3777 bytes)

Parameter values

A number representing the language of the search space being updated. This is an optional parameter. If this parameter is not specified, the update will apply to all languages.
Required: A list of all product reference numbers affected during the WebSphere Commerce catalog updates. This parameter can be repeated.


  • Verifies access control of the user on whose behalf the command will be run; only a person with a role of Merchant or merchandising manager can invoke this command.
  • Accepts a list of products as input. This list is generated by the preceding applications, and represents all of the products that were updated during the application's processing.
  • For each supplied product ID, the command determines all of the parent categories by querying the CATGPENREL table. The command executes the following logic for each parent category.
  • For each parent category, the command determines if a search space exists using the ICROOTCAT table.
  • For each existing search space, the command deletes each row corresponding to a supplied product ID, and re-inserts it if the publish flag has been set.

Exception conditions