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Creating a Product Advisor search space using an XML file

The process of creating a Product Advisor search space using an XML requires a sound understanding of the catalog subsystem, the associated database schema, and XML.

About this task

The search space consists of additional database tables that contain information extracted from the following standard WebSphere Commerce tables:

The following steps are required to create the database tables necessary to support Product Advisor searches.


  1. Decide on a category for which you want to enable a Product Advisor search.
  2. Create an XML input file based on the Product Advisor XML search space creation file DTD. A sample file using a sample category, 10003, is provided in the following directory: WCDE_installdir\samples\pa\xml
  3. Create the search space by scheduling the PACreateSearchSpaceBatchCmd scheduler command from the Administration Console.
    Note that if the scheduled job is completed it does not indicate success. Look at the log file for error messages.